Spoon BBK Big Brake Kit Honda Civic/CRX/Integra/Del Sol

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Civic EG6, Civic EK4 , Civic EK9 Type R, Integra DC2 Type R, Integra DB8 Type R, Fit/ Jazz GE8, FIT / Jazz GK5

The Twinblock calipers are a direct fit to the MY98 Spec DC2, DB8

For the EG6, EK4, GE8, GK5 and 96spec DC2 the conversion 282mm disc is required 45251-4H1014

If the conversion disc is used the installation of a 3mm spacer behind the disc will aslo be needed. The spacer is required to centrialise the disc in the caliper 45020-T03AL.

If the spacer is used we advise that you install extended wheel lug bolts.

The caliper is wider than OEM so please consider your wheel choice or requirements for wheel spacers.

EK9 brake pad profile required


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